Artur Martsinkovskyi, engineer, public speaker, poet, blogger, weirdo.

I am a Software Engineer on Ruby and some other languages, Vim enthusiast and a big fan of FP, XP, and TDD(and a couple of other abbreviations also, like TANSTAAFL). I have Computer Science Master’s degree in the Precarpathian National University. Rationalist with a sprinkle of sci-fi aspirations. Interested in medical, financial, logistic and civil engineering domains. Proud Thinkpad user, use Mac Mini at work, get along with Windows as with necessary evil time to time. Also, I am keen on space, rockets, and imagery of the gold era of hard sci-fi, Bradbury and Heinlein and their kind. The name of this blog is taken from Bowie’s song “Life on Mars?” with a slight change to my actual surname in short.

DISCLAIMER: Some of the posts in this blog look like quite the furious rants(and they are). Although, I write on painful topics only in the time of the biggest emotional embarrassment about them, so actual me out in the wild may have a bit milder opinions when you ask me in person. I always thought that it is better to go full radical on some topics for people around to stop halfway and still have my post influence their actions enough.

You may contact me(why in the world?) at

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